30 May 2011

Tokyo Sky Tree loses a crane

30 May 2011, 17:00

15 May 2011, 04:50

Japanese iris 花菖蒲

Japanese iris (花菖蒲, hanashoubu)

22 May 2011

Roses along the Toden Arakawa Line

You can read more about the Toden Arakawa Line here.

Minowabashi Station. Can you see Tokyo Sky Tree in the background?

Learning to plant rice at the Arakawa Natural Park

Statue in Arakawa Natural Park

16 May 2011

Hase-dera (長谷寺)

Jizō statues and hydrangea at Kaikōzan Jishōin Hase-dera (海光山慈照院長谷寺) in Kamakura:

Walking with the kappa in Kōtō-ku

These photos were taken along Sendaiborigawa and Yokojukkengawa in Kōtō-ku. You can read more about this area here.

バイバイ!  じゃ ね!

8 May 2011

Untōan 雲洞庵 in Niigata

雲洞庵の土踏んだか / Untōan no tsuchi funda ka / Have you tread on the soil of Untōan? Read more about this temple here.

The Lotus Sutra is inscribed on stones, one character per stone, which are embedded at a depth of 1 meter beneath this path. Legend has it that walking down the path will erase your sins and bring you happiness.

Rice paddies in Yuzawa

Daigenta Canyon near Yuzawa

Tokyo Sky Tree: my personal planetarium

Tokyo Sky Tree has become my planetarium - a modern Stonehenge - for tracking the sun as it moves through equinox and solstice.

8 May 2011

27 April 2011

24 April 2011

14 April 2011