31 March 2012

Old and new

Kyu-Yasuda Teien in Ryōgoku

Kuramaebashi near Ryōgoku

30 March 2012


Photos of Jizō statues taken at Jyoumyoin in Ueno.

29 March 2012


Tokyo Sky Tree and plum blossoms in Sarue Onshi Park

27 March 2012

Three trees

Tokyo Sky Tree from Sarue Onshi Park in Kōtō-ku

26 March 2012

Look up!

These photos were taken at Zenyōji, a temple in Koiwa in Edogawa-ku. We miss so much when our eyes remain at eye-level. Look up. Look down. Look, and see.

25 March 2012

Hachimanbashi in Monzen-Nakachō

A bridge for Lina! It's not a bridge across the Sumida River, but it's still historically interesting.

Hachimanbashi is next to Tomioka Hachiman-gū in Monzen-Nakachō. It's Tokyo's oldest iron bridge designed by Japanese engineers and built in Japan. It was constructed in 1878 and moved from Chūō-ku to its present position in 1929. It's regarded as an Important Cultural Property.

The guy in the blue jacket is feeding stray cats that sleep in the man-made shelters under the bridge.

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23 March 2012

Sumidagawa at Ryōgoku

Ryōgoku is known as the home of sumo in Tokyo, and you can see many sumo-related decorations next to Sumidagawa where it runs past Ryōgoku. 

The railing next to Sumidagawa illustrates different sumo moves.

The river is lined with posters of old woodblock prints.

The last three photos were taken on Kuramaebashi looking towards Umayabashi (the green one) and Komagatabashi (the blue one).

22 March 2012

Soon ...

Photo taken from Mukōjima 3-Chōme

Satake is a shopping street in my neighbourhood. We're all waiting for Sky Tree's official opening on 22 May. 
Sky Tree on 22 March 2012, two months before its official opening. The photo was taken at 06:21.

21 March 2012

A new station

Narihirabashi Station (業平橋駅, Narihirabashi Eki) has been renamed: it's now Tokyo Sky Tree Station (東京スカイツリー駅, Tokyo Sukai Tsurī Eki). Tokyo Sky Tree will open officially on 22 May 2012.

Typical copy-editor's comment: I see it's written SKYTREE one word. Hmmm. Interesting. (Sorry! I'm pre-programmed to notice stuff like that.)

19 March 2012

Skinny houses

Many years ago the residents of old Edo lived in nagaya (長屋), row houses or tenement houses, which were thin and narrow. Nowadays you don't see many nagaya in the shitamachi, but thin and narrow? Still everywhere. No wonder: land prices in Tokyo are prohibitive. It's better to cover as little ground as possible, and build upwards. Both these houses are in my neighbourhood. One is old; one is new. Both are are basically as wide as a car.

16 March 2012

Warm in winter

This statue is at Sensō-ji in Asakusa. It was built "to comfort the spirits of mothers and children in Manchuria towards the end of World War II". The statue is always dressed warmly during winter.

15 March 2012

Cute coffee

This photo was taken at Ladurée Salon de Thé in Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi.

13 March 2012


Kappa extravaganaza! All these photos were taken in Kappabashi, a shitamachi street where you can buy everything you could conceivably and inconceivably use in a kitchen. The street's mascot is a kappa, a mischievous water sprite.

5 March 2012

Country roads for cyclists

This is a post for fellow blogger B.A. of Back of an envelope, who dreams of returning to these roads near Minami-Uonuma in Niigata.