30 April 2012

Red peonies at Yakuō-in

Old and perfect

This zelkova tree at Yakuō-in in Shimo-Ochiai is 200 years old and is described as having a perfect shape. (See the notice below.)

The entrance to the temple with the zelkova towards the left

26 April 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree and clouds

A study in grey

Summer clouds. Oh, all right, spring clouds.

Dark storm clouds in the background, but Sky Tree is spotlit in the late-afternoon sun.

22 April 2012

Wild cherry trees

Yamanashi trees bloom later than Tokyo trees (mountains, colder, further north, etc). The wild cherry trees are not as spectacular as Tokyo's famous somei-yoshino variety, but their wildness gives them a special charm.

The real reason for any trip to Yamanashi, however, is never blossoms ...

20 April 2012


Rabbit statue at entrance to Meigetsu-in, Kamakura

19 April 2012

Gone fishing

Walking towards a river full of trout in Yamanashi

16 April 2012

A favourite cup

I took these photos of cups on graves in a Buddhist cemetery.

Rainwater and cherry blossom petals

Perhaps he liked Nikko: this picture is of the famous sleeping cat carving at Nikko.

Minnesota, on a grave in Tokyo? I wish I knew the story behind this mug ...

15 April 2012



13 April 2012

Entering spring

A new academic year has just started at the University of Tokyo. This shot of ginkgos covered in fresh green leaves was taken from the front door of Yasuda Auditorium.

The university's symbol is a ginkgo leaf. It doesn't get fresher than this ...

A fresh start

12 April 2012

Bird statues

There are several statues of birds next to Shakujigawa in Kita-ku. I've included three of them.

10 April 2012

Temple cat

Photo taken at Gokoku-ji. It's a tortoiseshell, so it must be a female. Am I right, cat lovers?

9 April 2012

A photo for Lina

Can you see it, far on the horizon, towards your right? The photo was taken from Kita-ku, several miles from Oshiage towards the northwest. Click on the photo to see a bigger, clearer version.

8 April 2012

Four photos for Happyiyi

These photos were taken along Shakujigawa in Kita-ku. If you click on the photos, you'll see bigger versions. Enjoy, and be happy! 


7 April 2012


Shinjuku Gyoen

6 April 2012


I took these photos with my mobile phone while walking home from the nearest station. Tokyo's cherry trees aren't limited to big public parks; they're everywhere. The first two photos were taken in a small play area next to a local primary school; the last two in small shitamachi alleys.

5 April 2012


Very young maple leaves

3 April 2012


I took these photos at Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

They're beautiful, aren't they, Ekaterina?

1 April 2012

Holy cow!

These photos were taken at Ushijima Jinja (牛島神社) in Mukojima. Ushijima means "cow island", hence ... cows! (If any non-English readers wonder what "holy cow" means, here you go.)

Post edited on Monday 2 April to change Ushima to Ushijima. Thanks, Cocomino!