31 May 2012

Eastern Tokyo or Wild West?

I spotted these statues of cowboys and Red Indians (or should I be politically correct and refer to Native Americans?) in Taitō. I have no idea what they're doing here!


25 May 2012

Not very elegant

I often see women adopting this pose when they're taking photos. I always want to tell them where the nearest loo is.

20 May 2012

Red shoes and true love

I spotted these statues in Honmokusannotani in Yokohama.

The first statue refers to the Shinto god of marriage, Enmusubi-no-kami. If you want to meet that one special person, you can ask him for his help. "Enmusubi" can be translated as "love knot" or "partner for life".

The second statue refers to the famous song Akai kutsu about a Japanese girl who was adopted by foreigners and taken to the United States.

The third photo is simply a cute platform tile at Sakuragichō Station in Yokohama.

10 May 2012

Better than Monet

Poppy field in Kasai Rinkai Park

Poppy field by Claude Monet

7 May 2012

A bad Sky Tree video

Tokyo Sky Tree was illuminated last night as part of the Hotaru Festival. I didn't go - I incorrectly thought the event would be cancelled due to bad weather - but I took this very bad video from the balcony. Last night I realized that the shitamachi won't be able to sleep whenever Sky Tree is fully illuminated, because we had several news helicopters circling for hours, whop-whop-whop non-stop.

5 May 2012

Old and wise

I spotted this turtle decoration at Zenpuku-ji, but didn't know what it was. Somedays Sarah solved the mystery: it's a mannenkame (万年亀) or a turtle that's ten thousand years old. What I thought was a tail is actually moss growing on its back. It's regarded as a symbol of longevity and good luck. Here's the decoration at the temple, plus two other examples. Thanks, Sarah!

Image credit: rakuten.co.jp/miyage/m-fs006

Photo credit: wa-at-deli.com

4 May 2012

I have a headache!

The photos were taken at Hikawa Jinja in Akasaka.

3 May 2012

We must have koinobori!

Koinobori or carp banners are flown on Children's Day, 5 May, and every self-respecting blog should have a photo. You can read more about koinobori here. I took these photos in Mizumoto Park.

1 May 2012

Begone, evil spirits!

Onigawara ("ogre tile") on a roof at Zenpuku-ji. Onigawara ward off evil spirits.