28 June 2012

Underpass art

Near Minowabashi Station: a Toden Arakawa streetcar, roses and ... Sky Tree! (That's why this photo goes first.)

Same wall near Minowabashi Station

Near Edogawa Station, depicting the nearby Koiwa Iris Garden and typical river scenes

23 June 2012


Abstract art or rock? This photo was taken at the famous rock garden at Ryōan-ji in Kyoto.

20 June 2012

Rooftop gardens

This apartment is on the eleventh floor of a building that overlooks a neighourhood of residential homes and small businesses. The area isn't know for its greenness, yet it has several small parks and you can spot little gardens – some considerably more successful than others! – on several roofs. This morning I played Peeping Tom.

Beautiful hydrangeas. I'm surprised that they do so well in the fierce sun on a rooftop garden.

I like this garden: small but nice.

A surprisingly big tree for such a small balcony!

Perhaps not the best in the neighbourhood ...

That's a real jungle!

Wider shot of the balcony jungle

Our Legoland neighbourhood

And a reminder of the view from the eastern balcony! ^^

19 June 2012

Flowers on freight trains

Reason nr 11 788 331 to love Japan: flowers on freight trains.

17 June 2012

15 June 2012

Hydrangeas at Hakusan

I photographed these different varieties of hydrangea (some quite unusual) at Hakusan Jinja in Bunkyō-ku.

10 June 2012

Look at that sky!

Look at that summer sky! Isn't it beautiful? Well, look at Sky Tree, too, but mostly look at the sky.

11:30 am

An hour later: the clouds are gathering.

9 June 2012

Photos for Somedays Sarah

This one's for Somedays Sarah. It was taken on a path between Asukayama Park and railway tracks that run to Ōji Station.

I love the light behind the flower.

8 June 2012

Campus at night

It looks very European, doesn't it? It's the Hongō campus of the University of Tokyo.

Law faculty

Looking towards the library