29 July 2012

Lonely Rilakkuma

What are you doing here, Rilakkuma, alone on a Friday night? Who left you in this desolate spot? Do you want to come home with me?

27 July 2012

Lotus flowers at Shinobazu Pond

This year Shinobazu Pond's lotus flowers have been a big disappointment: there's almost nothing! I noticed that many plants have brown, shrivelled up leaves; and unlike previous years, the surface of the pond isn't covered in lotus plants. Disease? I'm not sure. Nevertheless I managed to capture a few stubborn individuals.


Usually the entire surface of the pond is covered in lotus plants; this year you can see empty spots.

The whole pond looks like this. Something's wrong somewhere ...

26 July 2012

25 July 2012

Sky Tree has had 10 million visitors

Tokyo Sky Tree drew a combined 10,29 million visitors by Saturday, its operator, Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., said Sunday. The new landmark eclipsed the 10-million mark on Thursday, less than two months after opening to the public on May 22. -- The Japan Times, 24 July 2012

Sunrise 17 July 2012

Sunrise 18 July 2012

24 July 2012

A good idea

No smoking on this campus except in a few (very few) (very poky)  places.

22 July 2012

Summer = big bugs!

Photo taken in Kappabashi

12 July 2012

Awa-odori women

All photos in this series are of a group called Asakusa Kaminariren (浅草雷連). You can read about them here and here. Sharp eyes might notice different costumes in different photos. The last four photos were taken last year; the rest were taken this year.

9 July 2012

Awa-odori musicians

She walked with her eyes closed the whole time ...

7 July 2012

Awa-odori men

Not quite a man yet, but he's got the moves! ^^

6 July 2012

Awa-odori faces

Awa-odori is a street dance that's performed throughout Japan in summer. (Read more about it here.) I took these photos at a festival in Kappabashi.

2 July 2012