30 January 2013

I love old trains

I love trains, all trains, but old steam locomotives have a special place in my heart.

This train is a JNR Class D51 steam locomotive. The D51 was used in Japan from 1936 to 1951. A total of 1 115 were built, the largest number of locomotives in a single class in Japan.

Another titbit: there is still one operating D51 at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk railway station in Russia. It was left behind by retreating Japanese forces at the end of World War II.

The train in the photos are parked at Asukayama Park in Ōji. Isn't it a beauty?

29 January 2013

Another elephant found me

I keep telling you: they're following me!

Asukayama Park

28 January 2013

Cosmopolitan Taitō

We're very cosmopolitan in Taitō: garbage disposal notices in a plethora of languages. The whoever translated the notices into the English, love the little word "the" and the exclamation mark!

27 January 2013

My bags are more important than you

One of my pet hates: commuters who hog seats with spread legs and the detritus of their lives. 

21 January 2013

Graves for Sarah

This is the first time I've offered graves to anybody, but if a fellow blogger looks at you with puppy eyes, what is a tough African auntie to do but comply? Sarah, who has a more-than-mild interest in the Tokugawa family, heard that I'd taken photos of their family graves in Yanaka Cemetery. She wanted to see the photos. Sarah, they're rather blah, because the graves are behind walls and locked gates, but here you go. 

Click to see a bigger map. There are two Tokugawa family graveyards.

This is Yoshinobu's grave. Bit meh, no? I think I was halfway up a tree to get this photo.

Tokugawa family graves in winter

This solitary pebble on the wall around the Tokugawa family graves caught my attention.

All photos were taken while balancing on walls.

Another Tokugawa family grave in winter. This is the one towards the back of the cemetery,
i.e. closest to the railway.

Same graveyard in summer


Summer. I think this lantern toppled in the big quake.

I don't know any details of the family graves, but we can go on a walkpedition and ask the cats.

We should go when these guys appear again.

18 January 2013

Profound rubbish

I spotted this in Hiroo.

16 January 2013

Snow cats in Yanaka

Small paw prints on a wall

I've found a dry spot in the sun and I'M NOT MOVING!

14 January 2013

Winter fashions for plants

Plants are wrapped or covered in straw partly as protection against winter cold, partly as decoration. 

11 January 2013

8 January 2013

Good morning, Sky Tree!

The new year is eight days old and I still haven't done a Sky Tree post! Horror. I took these photos as I walked from Asakusa to Minami-Senju along the Sumida River.

From this apartment: early-morning sun shimmering on Sky Tree

Just past Azumabashi


This was taken at Matsuchiyama.

This was taken at Ishihama Jinja in Minami-Senju.