28 February 2013

Street tiles in Kameido

These beautiful tiles are in Kameido on sidewalks leading up to Kameido Tenjin.

27 February 2013

Sky Tree and plum blossoms

Photos taken at Kameido Tenjin

26 February 2013

That rubbish sign? It's not working.

Remember the sign about illegal disposal? I don't think it's having the desired effect. The designated rubbish spot is on the other side of the street, directly opposite this sign at a small local shrine. I guess the owner of the rubbish was too tired to walk across the street ...

25 February 2013

Sea kayaking for Sarah

When I told kayak queen Sarah about sea kayaking in South Africa, she said it looked amazing. So, old sport, here's another post for you. All these pictures were taken in Hermanus, a town that's regarded as one of the best whale-watching spots in the world.

Sea kayaking

The old harbour at Hermanus used to be a whaling station; now it's a tourist attraction.

We could have lunch here ...

Then go whale-watching ...

The whales visit Hermanus in winter, from June to October.

Life-sized Southern Right Whale in front of the Whale House Museum

Or, if whales are boring, how about the great white shark?

We can go diving with great white sharks! Shall I call them?

23 February 2013

A sign for dogs and men

If you're a man or a dog, don't pee or poo here! It's a fairly recent addition to Taitō's vast collection of public notices, warnings, signs, posters, instructions, injunctions, admonitions, reproaches, castigations, cautions, deterrents, etc etc etc. There's a wall version and a street version.

I was taken aback by the frequency of public urination in Japan. Jeez, guys, c'mon, you've got some of the cleanest public loos in the world and you still have to do it in the street? It's common in South Africa, too, but there I expect it. Here, in Tokyo, I don't, but I guess boys will be boys ... 

21 February 2013

Bo-Kaap photos for Lina

Although this blog explicitly states it's photos of Japan, a certain jungle woman twisted my arm, and I agreed to post photos from South Africa. I took these pictures in the Bo-Kaap, a Cape Town neighbourhood with a rich Malay/Muslim history. Until I've researched and written a post for my Rurousha blog, you can read more about the Bo-Kaap here.

That mountain is called Lion's Head.

My niece took this photo. That's yours truly marching along with dungerees, backpack and camera.

Happiness is a blue Beetle in front of a blue house!

Ru surveying the most beautiful city in the world.

2 February 2013

Manga at Kanda Myōjin

Kanda Myōjin is one of Tokyo's oldest shrines. It's close to Akihabara, and has become a shrine for computer geeks and manga enthusiasts. You can buy charms to protect your computer, prevent identity theft and support your IT (or any other) business. You can also draw your own picture on an ema (wooden tablet on which you write your wishes to the gods) and hang it at the shrine.

This will be my last post for a while. I'm going to South Africa on Tuesday; back three weeks later. Expect thousands of photos of beaches, flowers, mountains ... and glasses of wine!

A well-endowed lass!