29 March 2013

Waiting ...

"I found a good spot! Where are you?" The photos were taken in Yotsuya and Koganei Park.

Not exactly a tranquil spot, but ah well ...

I hope he arrives soon.

Not alone anymore

A dog is a good companion for a cherry blossom excursion.

So is a bike!

26 March 2013

Small Ebisu shrine in Daikanyama

Ebisu is the god of fishermen, merchants and workers.

21 March 2013

Sky Tree and cherry blossoms

I took these photos while walking in Kōtō-ku.

Sarue Onshi Park

This was taken from Clover Bridge.

Kiba Park

20 March 2013

The fox and the camellia

I took these photos at a tiny shrine in Taitō 2-Chōme called Sakura Inari Jinja (桜稲荷神社, cherry blossom rice god shrine). I didn't see any cherry blossoms while I was there, but a beautiful pink camellia was blooming at the shrine's red torii. I love the contrast between the flower's soft pink and the torii's bright red.

Local residents have rebuilt the shrine twice: after the Kantō Earthquake and after the American firebombing. You can pray here for prosperity.

It's a tiny shrine! The entrance is on Kuramaebashi-dori.

This. This is what I love about Tokyo.

Standing at the shrine, looking towards the street

18 March 2013

Akiba zoo

Yesterday I wandered through what I refer to as "my" Akihabara: the quieter areas on the "wrong" side of Showa-dori (in other words, the quieter eastern side). I'm talking about Kanda-Izumichō, Taitō 1-chōme and various neighbourhoods towards Asakusabashi.

As I said, it's quieter than Electric Town, but that doesn't mean it's, err, normal ordinary boring. I spotted a building that was decorated with a veritable zoo.

A fat frog

A thingie, a mouse and a hen

A rabbit

Another rabbit

Beckoning cats and a beckoning frog

What is this? The Cheshire Cat?

Dragon, lizard, scaly creature

I know nothing about tropical fish, but aren't there too many fish in here?

16 March 2013


When I was a child, my father had a Beetle like this. We called it a "Volksie" (from Volkswagen) or "Kewer" (Beetle) in Afrikaans. I took this photo in Cape town last month.

Another photo taken in Cape Town last month. When I lived in South Africa, I had a Beetle just like this.

Cape Town, February 2013

The latest model, photographed in Tokyo yesterday. It's less round and more streamlined and ... less cute?