30 September 2013

24 September 2013

23 September 2013

Cosmos at Hamarikyū Onshi Teien

It was a heavily overcast day; hence that blah grey sky.

Hamarikyū's famous teahouse

Crape myrtle (サルスベリ) and spider lilies (ヒガンバナ)

Square tree!

I'm not entirely convinced that "ubiquitous" is the best choice in this context ...

19 September 2013

Because soon

Photo taken at Adashino Nenbutsu-ji in Kyoto in November 2010

16 September 2013

St. Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo

There's more to Tokyo than shrines and temples. This cathedral in Sekiguchi, Bunkyō-ku, is the seat of the Roman-Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo. It was designed by Kenzo Tange. (Why do I feel so unwelcome in Christian churches and so at home in shrines?)

You're not supposed to take photos of the interior, but I sneaked one in with a silent camera app (so it's a bit grainy).

14 September 2013

It's not a good idea to tsunami

It's not a good idea to tsunami, but it's highly recommended to walk in southwestern Chiba's countryside. Interestingly enough, one town 鋸南町 (Kyonanmachi) got it wrong, the next one 富津 (Futtsu) got it right.

You see many signs in this coastal area that inform you exactly how high above sea level you are. When the alarms go off, run for the hills. Run very fast.

PS: Did you spot the same kanji 津 in both tsunami and Futtsu? Tsu is harbour or port; tsunami is harbour wave.

10 September 2013

Can't resist two more

I know this blog is turning into a Sky Tree picture library, but ...

7 September 2013

Your daily cuteness

Today, courtesy of Pocky Panda. It's a snack that consists of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. This one has a cookies-and-cream flavour.

6 September 2013

Natural air con

One of my pet gripes is Tokyo's obsession with air conditioning. Yes, it's hot in summer, but today, for example, there's no reason whatsoever to use air con. Open the windows and the balcony doors, and let the breeze do its job. Natural air con at its very best.

4 September 2013

3 September 2013

White Fang

You know me ... I like koma-inu (lion-dogs). I spotted these two at Ōkunitama Jinja.