30 November 2013

A bit of green (for a change)

I also have a thing about bamboo.

29 November 2013

Rooves and leafs

Or, if you prefer, roofs and leaves. You know I have a thing about both!

25 November 2013

A new running path for Lina

Look, Lina, I've discovered a new path for you. It runs next to the Shakuji River in Nerima Ward.

24 November 2013

Shakuji Park in autumn

Shakuji Park in Nerima Ward is one of the largest parks in Tokyo (20 hectares), and it's surprisingly quiet. It has two ponds, Shakuji Pond and the smaller but more scenic Sanpōji Pond. It's famous for its waterfowl, and it also features in the manga series Ranma½.

It was famous in the Edo period: it never dried up in summer and never froze in winter. Nowadays, thanks to urbanization, the pond's natural water supply has been destroyed to such an extent that water has to be pumped into the ponds.


Itsukushima Jinja stands on an island in Sanpōji Pond. (Yes, same name as the famous shrine at Miyajima. Both shrines honour the sea goddess Itsukushima-hime, who's also associated with Benten.)

I don't have a massive oyaji zoom lens, so this is my best bird piccie.

21 November 2013

Autumn progress at Tōdai

This is a reflection in Sanshiro Pond.


Abstract art

14 November 2013

8 November 2013

Sarah! Canoes!

Sarah! Canoes! Okutama!

3 November 2013

Temple bell

I spotted this at a wayside temple while hiking in Okutama. It's a beautiful ceiling, isn't it?