27 December 2013

Patterns and textures at Zōjō-ji

This morning I went to Zōjō-ji, and I found myself fascinated by shapes, patterns and textures. Here's a selection. Can you identify all of them?

23 December 2013

Xmas goodies

Even in the shitamachi you can buy German-type Christmas cookies and French-style cakes. I spotted these in a tiny mom+pop store run by a retired couple: he's in the kitchen, she's at the counter. I took the photos in the shop with my phone, so it's not exactly brilliant, but you can still see the goodies. I bought some for myself, but I'm baffled by the Easter bunny. What's he doing here? Standing in for Rudolph?

PS: My box is mostly chocolate. I'm still doing my best to cut back on / avoid gluten.

19 December 2013

17 December 2013

5 December 2013

Leaf love

Soon it will be over, but for now, we can still enjoy them.

4 December 2013

Going for a stroll in platform stilettos

Platform stilettos for a walk in the park ... where else but Tokyo? I walked behind them for quite a while, and elegant she was not. It's a miracle she didn't snap her ankles.

3 December 2013


I promised Lina eleven photos (the same age as her son, Raimie) of Sky Tree. Number One is blurry because I don't have a tripod, but here's shaky proof that Sky Tree has started wearing its green and red Christmas outfit.